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Runs to Atacama Desert in 16 Days/15 Nights

The route to the Atacama Desert is a truly unique experience, since San Pedro de Atacama, the town where it is located, has a rich culture and is considered a magical place and known as the most representative town of the Region. A wonderful spot for Night Sky Watching and Stargazing contributes to the harmony between the cultural and natural wonders of the North.

If your starting point is the Capital, Santiago, this route will give you the chance to make several interesting stops along the way. Some of these stops are considered beautiful touristic spots that represent the North part of the country. The opportunity to watch marine life it its purest form creates a magical contrast with the driest desert in the world. These contrasting landscapes will allow campers to be enchanted in different but unique ways!

  • Days: 16
  • Route: Pan American
  • Suggested Departures: Monday, friday
  • Camper: Partner
  • Passengers: up to 4
  • Rate: CLP 2,700,000.-
  • Highlights: Moon Valley, Tatio Geysers, Atacama Salt, Lagoons and Volcanoes, nature and wildlife, Night sky watching, beaches, culture, Valparaíso & Viña del Mar, Bahía Inglesa, Caldera.
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Runs to Atacama Desert in 16 Days/15 Nights - Andes Campers

Runs to Lakes & Volcanoes + Chiloé Island in 15 Days

The route Lakes & Volcanoes + Chiloé Island, is a journey through the highlights of the Chilean southern and from Patagonian Northern. Puerto Varas is the final destination from this route, magic place than bring beautiful landscapes to the Llanquihue lake. From Puerto Varas is possible to visit important icons from this lands as National Parks, island, handicraft and culture. In this journey will be time to enjoy also others places, of adventures and activities as you like it. Some attractions that you will able to experience are wildlife and nature, native forest evergreen, lakes, rivers, falls, volcanoes and islands!

  • Days: 15
  • Route: 5 sur
  • Suggested Departures: Monday, Wednesday
  • Camper: Family
  • Passengers: up to 7
  • Rate: CLP 2,935,000.-
  • Highlights: Lake District, Lakes & Volcanoes, Chiloé Big Island, National Parks, Nature & wildlife, cities, handicraft, Petrohué Falls, All the Saints Lake, Pucón, Caburgua, Puerto Varas, others.
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Runs Lakes & Volcanoes + Chiloé Island: in 15 Days - Andes Campers