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Camping Fest 2015: Our participation in a Camper style event!

This past 6th, 7th and 8th of november we took part of the 3rd Camping Fest for recreational vehicles. In this occasion the event took place at the Alberto Hurtado park, place were the most representative brands in the camper industry in Chile were present that day.

The undersecretariat of Tourism Javiera Montes, started the event off by telling everyone how fun her experience had been while traveling throughout Chile in a camper and mentioned how the use of recreational vehicles has been increasing quickly during the past two years.

Camping Fest 2015 was filled with groups of families and friends who wanted to know more about RV and camper travel, many had already experienced traveling in one themselves and were looking forward to seeing what new vehicles and companies the market had to offer.

This year the fest showed itself off with food trucks and new models of RVs and Campers the crowd was eagerly waiting for the recreational vehicle exhibition that included campers, popup campers, motorhomes, tents, camping tables with chairs and other accessories.

We, the AndesCampers team where awfully happy and had several activities for the enthusiastic campers that attended the fest!

We exhibited our most popular vehicles, the Adventurer Camper and Premium Camper: both of these ensure full autonomy during trips, they have different prices for different types of travelers; couples or families.

Our wine tour contest was the most distinguished, all the participants had to take a picture with our campers and post them up on social media and this way they would be participating for two double tickets for wine tour.

The winners got tickets to the Cousiño Macul vineyard, the two couples had a guided tour throughout the vineyard, where they saw the winemaking process and cellars. Their especial visit finished with one of the finest wine tastings in Chile.

We are gratefully thankful to all of our new friends who took pictures with our motorhomes at this year's Camping Fest . We hope to see you guys soon!

We would like to invite you all to check out our picture gallery from the day of the event.